Adxto PSP integrates with BACtrack alcohol testers!

BACtrack is one of the leading manufacturers of smartphone breathalyzers for alcohol. In order to facilitate more advanced Patient Support Programs, Adxto has chosen to integrate the PSP system with the BACtrack devices.

In “quit drinking” programs, the PSP system can automatically request BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) test. The test can be configured to occur randomly during configurable timeslots.

The results from the test are encrypted and only visible to the assigned healthcare staff. The access to the data is logged in a blockchain ledger to ensure the highest level of patient integrity.

For behavioral scientists, the BAC test results can trigger automatic classification, resulting in more expensive actions (like doctor/nurse calls) can be directed to patients in most need, thus conserving the program budgets.

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/Mikael Runhem, Adxto Solutions AB