Adxto has now added the possibility to create outgoing physical postal mail/letters as an action in a patient support program.

This enables our programs to target patients that are not using email or text/sms messages.

Also, this feature makes it possible to send out tickets to events etc.

Or Christmas cards 🙂

It works by using standard PDF files. These files can contain PDF Form fields to personalize the content of the letter.

The letters are printed and sent automatically by our postal partner.

Screen image from the new action setting, click on the image to enhance.

The outgoing action types are now:

  • Email.
  • Text/SMS messages.
  • Facebook notifications.
  • Pre-recorded phone messages (automatic phone calls).
  • Postal mail.

We are currently working on adding Web Push Messages for less sensitive messages/patient support program/programmes.
Stay tuned 🙂

/Mikael Runhem, CEO, Adxto Solutions AB